Ophelia Mayer is one of the main characters of Sweet/Vicious.


Ophelia is a hell-raising, computer-hacking, weed-dealing, and trust fund baby who works at a record store.[1]


The series opens with Ophelia waking up with her one night stand, her friend reminds her that she has a meeting with the school counselor. However, she is not worried as her parents are huge donors to the school and she has a perfect GPA. That night, the school security guard catches her with weed and begins chasing her. In a attempt to escape him, she runs into a alley, where she encounters Jules fighting a rapist and asks who they are. Before they can answer, the security guard catches up with her and she tells the unknown figure to run. She then finds a golden, heart shaped necklace the figure left behind. The security guard catches her and takes her to his office but let's her go when she blackmails him. The next day, she is found by two members of a sorority, which is throwing a party later that night who ask her to deliver weed to the party. She recognizes the necklaces the girls are wearing as the one she found found the night before and agrees to deliver to their party. She arrives at the party and claims that she found the necklace outside she meets Jules who pretends to be drunk and pushes her into the basement to talk to her privately, Jules tells her not to follow her anymore and to leave the house immediately. Before she leaves, she plants a tracking software into Jules's phone. The next night, she follows Jules to a car shop where a man has knocked her out and is threatening to kill her. Ophelia sneaks behind the man and hits him on the head with a crowbar, accidentally killing him.


Ophelia is Caucasian with her hair dyed green, she has a slim figure and is fair height.


  • Expert Hacker - Ophelia has a great talent for hacking into computers and creating softwares, such as the one she created to track Jules's phone.


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