The Blueprint is the pilot episode for MTV's Sweet/Vicious television series.


Jules Thomas, the perfect sorority girl, balances her life of being a college student while also serving up vigilante justice on her school’s campus. With her sorority sister Kennedy by her side it seemed like Jules had it all figured out. That is, until Ophelia Mayer, a hell-raising, computer-hacking, weed-dealing trust fund baby who works at a record store has a chance encounter with her and realizes Jules is more than meets the eye. As she starts to uncover the pieces, Ophelia’s law student best friend Harris, grows increasingly concerned over her new private eye mentality. Under dire circumstances, the two girls come together and develop an unlikely friendship. Meanwhile, Jules meets charming art student Tyler at a party and instantly feels a spark, but it isn’t long before the girls realize that Tyler and Jules’ connection is more complicated than it seems. [1]


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